How Much Does It Cost To Repair Laptop Screen?

Having a laptop with a scratched or broken screen is bothering and irritating. So, there is a need to either repair or change the screen. As there is a greater cost to change the screen, so everyone opts for repairing it. But!

How much does it cost to repair Laptop Screen?

Let us explain with an example. Since there is a specific tablet or capsule for a particular disease. Similarly, each laptop brand’s screen differently in the market to get repaired. As every medicine company’s brand and functionality have different costs. In the same way, the repair cost of laptop screens depends on the manufacturer and display size.

Sometimes, it just happens that the screen repair costs more than the price of the laptop itself. Suppose you have bought a good brand laptop in bad conditions and the screen breaks after some time, then you must pay plenty for its repair.


Moreover, if you are wondering about replacing, then you must think of how much it will cost to replace the laptop screen. Mostly the screen replacement is required if the screen has got broken; otherwise, you need to repair it.

The repair cost of laptop screen:

We would recommend you to check your laptop internals before going to repair the panel. Because, sometimes, the screen may not work due to some internal factors like issues with the graphics card etc. So, make sure that the screen needs to be repaired. Otherwise, you will waste both your precious time and money.

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How to repair laptop screens? Tips

You can repair a laptop screen by yourself at home or by hiring a Technician. Let’s discuss separately how much it costs to get a laptop screen fixed.

How much it cost to fix laptop screen by yourself?

If you are going to repair it by yourself, then you can follow Google and YouTube. On Google, there are step by step procedures to be used to repair your screen. YouTube has several video tutorials on how to fix a laptop screen.

Similarly, you will need some tools to repair it and many technicians on YouTube also allows you to know how much it cost to fix a laptop. So, by following them properly, you can easily repair the screen of your laptop.

It will comparatively cost you less than the Technician takes from you. The estimated cost for repair of your laptop screen by yourself is $50 to $300 based on complexity of the error.

How much it cost to fix laptop screen by Technician?

If you were unable to repair your laptop screen by yourself even after following YouTube and Google, then the second option is to hire a technician. Before visiting the shop of a Technician,

First do some more research. Try to find the estimated cost for the error in your laptop screen to be fixed for. You can find the estimated cost for your laptop at ScreenTek.

First of all, go to ScreenTek and enter the laptop model in the given product searching field. You will get the estimated cost for repairing your laptop.

Second, when you visit the Technician, ask him for the price and then compare the estimated one. By doing this, you will be saved from a big scam and can save much money. 

The estimated cost for repair of your laptop screen by a Technician is $100 to $500 based on complexity of the error.

How much does it cost to replace a broken Laptop Screen?

If you failed to repair the laptop screen due to complicated damage, then you need to replace the screen. Have you ever wondered that a broken laptop screen could be repaired? If yes, then you must have thought about the laptop screen replacement cost. 

However, screen replacement cost is much more as compared to repairing cost. There is a difference in cost of touch screen and normal screen. 

No doubt, to replace a touch screen costs more than a non-touch screen. Moreover, each laptop brand screen costs different for the same or different of the same brand.

How much does it cost to repair Laptop Screen?

How much does it cost to replace laptop screens of different Brands?

As we mentioned earlier, that screen replacement of each brand costs different, so let’s go through different laptop brands and know about the costs.
Before buying a new screen for laptop to replace, remember two things, one is no of pins i.e. 30 or 40 and second is screen size. By doing this, you will get the right screen, which will fit into the machine and saves your time.

For Dell Laptop Screen:

As there are different models of Dell, for each model, screen quality and size are different. Depending on the fee of Technician, and the model Dell laptop, it could cost you as little as $100 to as much as $800.

In case, if it was some expensive touchscreen model that needed both the glass and the LCD panel, then may cost you up to $1000.

For HP Laptop Screen:

The cost of the HP laptop screen depends on screen size (15.6, 14 inches etc.), type of screen (touch or non-touch). The regular model laptop screen like 15 inch will cost you around $200-$400 with parts, shipping and labor.

In case, if you bought the screen and fit it into your laptop by a normal Technician, then it may cost you $80 to $150.

For MacBook Laptop Screen:

The cost of a MacBook Pro with 13 inches screen size is up to $270. After Dell laptop screens, Apple MacBook Pro has the costlyIf its screen or external closure is damaged, then you must do the process by a Technician. So, it will cost you an extra up to $100 as the labor cost.

For Lenovo Laptop Screen:

As Lenovo is a new brand in the market, its screen can be a bit difficult. But the most famous model has screens available and you can get one easily.

For screen replacement of Lenovo, it also depends on the brand and screen size. The average cost to replace a 15.6 inches screen is $100 to $180.

If you take help from a Technician, then it can cost you an extra amount from $60 to $80 based on the complexity of the problem.

Final Words:

Well! That’s all about how much it costs to repair a laptop screen and how much does it cost to replace a broken laptop screen. We have provided the most tested methods to be practiced while repairing or replacing your laptop screen.

Remember! The average lifespan of most of the laptops screens is more than 3 years i.e. up to 36 months. So, whenever you get any issue with your laptop screen, first of all, try to check if there is an internal issue in the machine or not.

After 100% surety, decide whether your laptop screen needs repair or replacement. As you have read about how much it costs to fix a laptop screen, so there is no need to get worried about scamming or going for any foolish act.

We have mentioned two methods of fixing your broken laptop screen, and now it’s up to you. You have to decide whether to go to a Technician or repair a laptop screen at home. Best of Luck